Strategic HR

When you assess the value of Anchor TotalHR’s services on your business, the discussion will start at the P&L level, then move down into 7 key HR Strategies, and then into 11 tactical Employee Lifecycle areas.  Ultimately we bring an “HR Solution Bucket” of over 180 initiatives, services or products to the table, and we’re experts at knowing which of those many things will help you accomplish your business objectives.

There are numerous Employment related issues that can drain, restrain, or threaten Profits.

Several problems Anchor has fixed for Clients include, but are not limited to

  • Exposure to employment Fines and Lawsuits
  • Rapidly escalating costs of employee Benefits
  • Lower than desired Employee Productivity
  • Inadequate protection of customer lists and proprietary company information
  • Very costly Turnover being higher than desired
  • Inability to attract the BEST talent

And on a more day-to-day level

  • Poor or non-existent recruiting and hiring systems
  • Time sucking compliance and paperwork of current and new laws like the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), or I-9 revisions
  • Lack of Supervisor training on Harassment, Counseling, Separation, and more
  • Lost time from workplace accidents
  • Risk-filled Terminations from improper handling

And the lists go on…

Delivery Options:

Retained HR Services – annual agreement of pre-determined, a la carte, custom HR deliverables designed to drive a Client’s P&L
Payroll Service (only) – very competitively priced, all-inclusive services